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Flexera Launches Global Intent-based Ads Generating $5M in Pipeline

In the last couple of years, the revenue team at Flexera has made a concerted effort to narrow its target account list, focus its resources, and acquire the technology necessary to carry out highly-targeted, account-based campaigns. That’s how Triblio came to partner with Flexera. “We were looking for a vendor that would be a true partner with a stellar customer success team and a vision to continually innovate. In Triblio, we feel we’ve found that,” says Laura Wille, Manager of Global Demand Generation at Flexera.


Flexera helps business leaders succeed at what once seemed impossible: getting full visibility into, and control of, their company’s technology “blackhole.” From on-premises to the cloud, Flexera helps organizations unravel IT complexity and maximize business value from their technology investments.

The marketing team at Flexera is tasked with supplying its revenue organization with high-quality leads and qualified accounts.Specifically, it needs to deliver on the following KPI’s:

  • Marketing Qualified Accounts
  • Named Account Meetings Scheduled
  • Target Account Pipeline
  • Opportunity Rate
  • Account Win Rate

Prior to account-based marketing (ABM), the team struggled with allocating its limited budget across a large account list. Laura Wille, Flexera’s Manager of Global Demand Generation, knew that in order to scale marketing’s impact on pipeline growth, it would need a more targeted approach to demand generation. Simultaneously, the team would need a new technology partner to support account-based audiences, deliver on intent-based targeting, and execute customized cross-channel campaigns.

ABM Program

Flexera made the shift from traditional top-of-funnel demand generation to ABM because it saw the opportunity to drive revenue by zeroing in on the accounts that fit its ideal customer profile (ICP). Partnering with Triblio, the marketing team could focus its resources on reaching, engaging, and converting select accounts. ABM has not only enabled more efficient spending but also allowed marketing to scale personalization across a global market.

Real-time intent data scales account visibility & campaign personalization

The ability to layer on first and third-party intent signals to its account data has been central to Flexera’s ABM strategy. The marketing team leverages intent data to provide greater account visibility for the sales team and to deliver topical ads to accounts with confirmed interest.

“One big differentiator for us when it comes to account visibility has been the ability to layer real-time intent data into our audiences,” says Wille. With Triblio’s real-time intent integration, Flexera can manage dynamic audiences and scale personalized campaigns for high-fit, high-intent accounts.

A/B test proves the impact of ABM advertising on pipeline

In order to test the efficiency of its new, one-to-few advertising strategy, Flexera set up an A/B test for its top 40 accounts. Half of the accounts were heavily targeted with display ads and an email campaign, and the other half served as the control group.

The results of the campaign showed that of the 20 ABM accounts, three became late-stage pipeline opportunities, and one moved to closed-won. While in the control group, none of the accounts moved to pipeline.

ABM Success Expands Globally

With priority regions across North America, UK, and DACH (Germany, Austria,Switzerland), Flexera’s marketing team would need to produce global pipeline results to truly claim ABM success “Running successful ABM campaigns across these regions means not only generating more revenue but building our brand reputation and relationships to allow for continued global success,”said Wille.

Flexera relies on geo-specific marketers in each region to provide handcrafted messaging specific to the region the ABM program is being carried out in.With geo-specific marketers, Flexera can take full advantage of their regional intent data and adjust messaging in their ads and web personalization efforts specific to the location they are being received.


Flexera generates over 400 MQA’s and nearly $5 million in target account pipeline. Equipped with Triblio’s account visibility and personalization capabilities, Flexera has been able to cater its messaging to a focused list of target accounts, thus growing engagement and moving the needle on pipeline. “We are accurately targeting and engaging with nearly all of our named accounts,” says Wille about its ABM program.

ABM has decreased the number of unengaged target accounts from 7% to just1%. Furthermore, within two months of executing ABM, Flexera has generated over 400 MQAs and nearly $5 million in target account pipeline.

We were looking for a vendor that would be a true partner with a stellar customer success team and a vision to continually innovate. In Triblio, we feel we’ve found that.

Laura Wille
Manager, Global Demand Generation

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