Simplify Attribution in your ABM Program

Visualize conversions at each step of your journey, regardless of the channel and quickly identify issues and test new tactics. Analyze trends to inform future campaign planning and report on results in a unified view.

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Simplify Attribution in your ABM Program
Account-Based Funnel

Prove ROI with an Account-Based Funnel

Set up reports with KPIs that provide that account-based view and build your funnel. Simple reporting that shows ABM metrics side by side with other programs and see how you’re driving pipeline.

Track Conversions

Track Conversions in Cross-channel Campaigns

Any multi-stage campaign you launch in Triblio generates its own conversion funnel, so you can easily monitor volume at the top of the funnel and account progress through every stage.

  • Data from the top 4,000 sites on the web
  • Average 20B monthly content consumption events
  • Intent data is combined with data from Internet Searches, Website Visits, CRM Activity, Traveling Staff, Webinar Attendance, Email Opens
Prove ROI

Drill Down on Each Customer Journey

Measure the impact of any campaign on account stages and pipeline value. Equipped with key account insights, revenue teams can monitor how accounts as a whole, including both known and unknown website visitors, react to campaigns, and sales can gain confidence that they’re reaching out with the right messaging.

Funnel Impact Report

Buying stages modeled automatically based on campaign interactions and track where prospects are in the buying journey. The MQA status is customizable to different segments of your market giving you flexibility in reporting.

Funnel Impact Report

Pipeline Impact Report

Score every Opportunity based on total ABM impact before the Created Date for a robust view of attribution. This makes it easy for you to show, in ranked order, the opportunities that your ABM campaigns have influenced the most.

Pipeline Impact Report

Account 360 Report

Measure account engagement across all channels, giving visibility into what campaigns and tactics are working best. This report provides high-level diagnoses of overall account health over time as well as details on specific engagements.

Account 360 Report

“Triblio's Account 360 and Pipeline reports provide valuable insights that help us develop and continue to refine our strategy and tactics. In fact, we use these reports nearly every day!”

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