Build Pipeline Faster with Intent-Based Sales Plays

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to spend your time as a sales professional. What accounts are actually in a buying cycle? Sales reps want to know what prospects are looking to buy and how they should best follow up.

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Build Pipeline Faster with Intent-Based Sales Plays
Accelerate Sales

Accelerate Sales Conversations with 1:1 Outreach

Stop deals from getting stuck in the pipeline by keeping them engaged throughout the entire buying process with 1:1 content specific to their needs.

Customer Journey

Trigger Next Best Sales Action

Sales reps can receive alerts in their native tools and workflows. Set up email notifications by named account lists, geo territories or in-market accounts that are not already in your CRM.

Busywork Away

Take the Busywork away from Sales Reps

Pick the accounts most likely to convert, acquire contacts that match your ICP, and select a winning play for sales to run — all automatically.


Triblio Smart Score uses proprietary AI-based algorithms to provide a single score to prioritize accounts. This Smart Score is live and shows baseline activity for accounts and spikes of activity. Triblio Smart Score uses first and third party intent paired with website and CRM activity, to identify what accounts should be prioritized for sales outreach.


Sales Workflow Automation

Select accounts for each sales rep in their territory and automatically acquire contacts that fit within your ICP. Automatically add leads to prospect cadences and when engagement begins, trigger the next best step for your sales rep to follow up.

Sales Workflow Automation


Auto generates 1:1 landing pages for accounts

  • Unique and private URL for each account
  • Custom messaging via merge fields
  • Resources and offers based on intent, CRM segment or other 1st party data
  • Update content for each sales rep, account team or support
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“Triblio Smart Score helps us prioritize accounts for sales follow-up in real-time.”

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Website Personalization


Account Analytics

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