The Modern Marketer’s Guide to ABM

Follow our “Ready-Set-Go” framework to choose the optimal level of personalization, messaging, and channels for each target audience.

  • Learn proven models for account segmentation
  • Find ABM essentials checklists and worksheets
  • Discover examples of award-winning ABM campaigns

Triblio has enabled thousands of ABM campaigns, and our clients have won recognition from Demand Gen Report, SiriusDecisions, and TOPO. Distilled down to key essentials, this guide presents a roadmap for executing award-winning ABM programs.

A Little Sneak Peek in to the eBook

In the Modern Marketers Guide to ABM, you will find content aimed to get you ready for the future of marketing by setting your organization up for ABM success with intent-driven and highly personalized campaigns. Additionally, you will have access to real-life case studies and testimonials from leading ABM practitioners.

“The Modern Marketers Guide to ABM was crafted to aid modern B2B marketers into establishing transformational ABM programs.”

Andre Yee
Andre Yee
Founder, Triblio

Getting Started with ABM

In this eBook we will address the evolution of the B2B purchase journey and discuss the fundamentals of starting a successful ABM program in our “Ready-Set-Go” framework. B2B sales and marketing is constantly evolving and adapting to new advances in technology, and following traditional lead generation in the information age is no longer the most efficient approach to generating pipeline.

ABM prioritizes quality over quantity, so sales and marketing can allocate more resources and time on high-fit, high intent target accounts. When buyers show interest in your product early in the purchase journey, account-based technology can put these signals right at the fingertips of your marketing and sales organizations.


  • Find Organizational Support
  • Define Your Ideal Customer profile
  • Develop a Target Account List
  • Assess Current Campaigns


  • Build Audience Segments
  • Source Stakeholder Contacts
  • Establish Account Metrics & Goals
  • Design Multi-channel Orchestration


  • Execute ABM Campaigns
  • Measure & Optimize Results

The Broken State of Buyer Interactions

In traditional demand gen, marketing stops where sales start.

Some B2B marketers still follow a traditional approach to demand generation. They have a single-minded focus on sparking form-fills, and after capturing inquiries, they nurture leads via email. When leads reach a certain activity score, marketing hands them off to sales, and it’s completely up to sales to generate real opportunities.

With 57% of the purchase journey remaining anonymous, vendors lack visibility into a huge repertoire of purchase related activities. Marketers don’t know where to focus their resources prior to contact registration, and sales can’t tell when buyers are conducting research on the website.

Building Better Buyer Interactions with ABM

As a B2B marketer, you might ask:
  • How do I influence buyers early?
  • How do I measure the most valuable deals in the pipeline?
  • How do I guide the entire purchase group towards reaching a consensus?

ABM & the B2B Purchase Journey

Account-based marketing orchestrates vendor interactions across the purchase journey to impact pipeline in target accounts.

Instead of waiting on form-fill completions, ABM marketers can jump ahead of the competition and shape buyer perception early in the purchase journey. Account-based insights give marketers visibility into target account purchase intent and engagement for both anonymous and registered stakeholders.

As soon as target stakeholders show a surge in interest in your category or hit your website, you can customize each subsequent digital interaction and trigger sales early. Consistent air coverage makes it more likely for buyers to engage in sales outbounding. Moreover, further reinforcement of key messaging during sales conversations gives your solution a solid position in the buyers’ consideration set as both parties approach the purchase decision.

ABM by the Numbers


Stakeholders Involved per B2B Purchase

CEB, now Gartner


of the Purchase Journey is Anonymous

CEB, now Gartner


Different Information Channels Consulted

McKinsey & Company

Why this works with the modern B2B Purchase Journey

The modern B2B purchase journey is complex.

Today, B2B purchase decisions involve many stakeholders influenced by both traditional and digital marketing channels, the sales experience, simple word of mouth, and the list goes on. With big-ticket purchases, everyone’s doing their due diligence, from the end-users to decision-makers; even C-suite executives may have a say. Early on, no one’s quite sure what the solution should look like. Can their pain points be solved internally? What kind of solutions are on the market today? Does it make sense to contract?

At some point, a buyer will fill out a form or call sales. Then the arduous process of internal evaluations begins, where buyers involve more expertise and new opinions. Finally, the purchase group makes a purchase decision, which may trigger a cycle of loyalty and further use.

The Modern Marketer’s Guide to ABM

However, no one purchase journey is exactly the same. At any moment, new information from any one of the channels could push buyers onto a different path. That’s why having the right tools that automatically adjust to your buyer signals is critical in the modern B2B purchase journey. With valuable insights comes earlier interactions enabling you to nurture buyers through their journey. In return, you build lasting relationships and generate target account pipeline.

Triblio has supported thousands of ABM campaigns to help clients achieve award-winning results. This guide shares real client campaigns and distills their best practices into a battletested “Ready-Set-Go” framework. Learn how to choose the optimal level of personalization, a convincing angle, and the right mix of channels for each target audience.

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