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How 365Talents launched ABM & Intent with Triblio: From account ID to won deal

Founded in 2015, 365Talents is building the next generation of AI-driven talent management solutions. 365Talents streamlines HR processes by mapping employee skills, identifying business needs and uncovering internal opportunities smarter and faster. Their platform helps companies organize talent internally and future proof their workforce. 


As 365Talents began to expand globally and into the US, they needed a platform to help them prioritize opportunities in a niche market and see a direct impact on pipeline. The team saw an account-based strategy as the most effective approach to target their total addressable market. They also wanted contact level data, the ability to measure campaign performance, and provide intent signals that sales and marketing can act on. While researching ABM platforms, marketing and sales realized most vendors could only provide a handful of the capabilities they needed, and couldn’t offer them a solution that does it all. 

Triblio’s value proposition, learning resources, and the ability to provide contact level data stood out amongst other vendors as the best fit for 365Talents when they jump-started their ABM program. The team wanted a single platform for all their ABM initiatives, instead of piecing together multiple tools. Triblio was able to meet all the criteria they were looking for in an ABM platform.

“We needed a platform with contacts readily available, and Triblio was the solution that made that possible,”

Saila Nieminen
International Marketing Manager, 365Talents 

Executive Buy In

Getting C-level buy in can be a challenge for most companies going account-based. However, 365Talents leadership had full confidence in the marketing team, and International Marketing Manager Saila Nieminen’s previous experience. With a solid plan in place, executives were at ease and Saila’s team was given the green light to execute their account-based strategy.  

Common ABM Hurdle

As many find out when switching to ABM, too narrow of a target market can be counterproductive. With 365Talents running campaigns on a regional level in Europe, they quickly had to readjust and expand their target market so they wouldn't miss out on potential opportunities for new business. This was a key learning moment for their organization, and valuable information others can benefit from in Europe and across the globe when starting an ABM program. 

ABM Program 

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

The team at 365Talents strategically targets companies with over 10k employees but have a TAM of accounts with over 1k employees. They have regional based objectives coordinated with their TAM in each region. Some of their KPIs include lead generation each quarter (cost per lead, cost per opportunity, cost per MQL) and ROI per targeted region. 

Primary Campaigns

Marketing utilizes intent data insights and integrates their leads and MQLs from HubSpot into their campaigns. Then the team orchestrates campaigns by engaging target accounts with top of funnel content that addresses industry-specific pain points with the help of Triblio. As the campaign progresses, accounts receive additional resources on 365Talents HR solutions and a demo offer. The ultimate goal of these campaigns is to impact the pipeline. The marketing team had a lot of success with this approach targeting oil and gas companies. (creative mockup) 

Sales & Marketing Alignment Fueled By Triblio Reports

The sales and marketing teams at 365Talents work extremely closely with one another. This was a structural transition that took place over time with the adoption of an account-based approach. 

The BDRs and AEs are provided with monthly intent data reports from Triblio that help them prioritize their account outreach. Ad metric reports are also provided to the entire team. This allows each BDR to see when an account they’re targeting is engaging with an ad. Sales and marketing can then engage accounts with highly personalized content and ultimately create more opportunities for sales to close. 


365Talents’ strong sales and marketing alignment in conjunction with Triblio reports, led to five deals impacted through the use of intent data in 2022. As they expanded, the team's alignment and intent data insights helped them scale campaigns across global regions. In 2022 the team saw an average time of 19 days between ad surge and deal creation and influenced €1.5M in pipeline thus far. Because of the success 365Talents experienced, they are planning to expand their ABM strategy with new channels. The team plans on implementing website personalization and using Triblio to help their event marketing team.

Going the Extra Mile

Another factor that stands out to the 365Talents team is Triblio’s ability to continuously help them grow and the available resources that made it easy to share information across their team. “The team at Triblio has had a positive attitude and willingness to work with us since day one,” said Saila Nieminen.

“It’s very clear that Triblio has a strong impact on our pipeline,”

Saila Nieminen
International Marketing Manager, 365Talents

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