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Dodge Data Drives Enterprise Sales with Deep Personalization and First-Party Intent

Dodge Data & Analytics is North America’s leading provider of construction intelligence. Its analytics and workflow solutions help customers identify business opportunities and use these insights to drive growth. Customers range from building product manufacturers to architects, engineers, contractors, and service providers.


Despite the company’s wide and varied customer base, Dodge Data’s marketing department relied on one campaign to generate demand. This campaign offered free construction data in exchange for contact registrations, which drew a lot of interest from small accounts. As a result, marketing consistently delivered a high volume of leads to sales.

However, Hasaan Brown, the Performance Marketing Director, noticed that they were having trouble breaking into strategic, high-value accounts. In search of a solution, Brown looked into using an account-based marketing(ABM) strategy to run more focused campaigns. Could Dodge Data use ABM to drive more pipeline for enterprise sales?

ABM Solution

Segmentation strategy aligns with sales and incorporates intent

To get started with ABM, the marketing team segmented Dodge Data’s target audience by size, which aligned its marketing efforts with the two sides of the business: inside vs enterprise sales. Brown knew that before he could execute ABM campaigns, he needed to first adopt an account based approach to segmentation. In his words, “there are many different flavors of people that you can target and different methods of outreach depending on which segment they exist within.”

Brown liked that by working with small and large accounts separately, he could continue to drive leads at a high volume while finding innovative ways to pursue Fortune 100 accounts. Small buyers were eager to fill out forms to get a couple of free construction leads, so there was no reason to change that strategy. Marketing continued to use proven, one-to-many tactics to attract independent contractors, which the inside sales team could close within a few week’s time.

However, active buyers at large companies were avoiding filling out forms. Of the few contact registrations from strategic accounts, none of them were anywhere close to the decision-maker or budget holder. Brown, in response, crafted a more sophisticated segmentation scheme based on intent for enterprise accounts. He used Triblio to automatically organize accounts by level of engagement and trigger different marketing campaigns.

Deep personalization re-engages accounts to accelerate pipeline

To make an even bigger impact on pipeline, Brown used Triblio to run one to-one campaigns targeting specific accounts that had gone cold in the sales process. These campaigns were completely personalized across multiple channels, from digital display ads to website messaging and sales scripts. Instead of driving form fills, the strategy relied on Triblio’s first-party intent to monitor account engagement and trigger sales plays.

For example, if Dodge Data were targeting “Leer Construction,” all the key stake holders at Leer Construction would receive a completely personalized campaign. Display ads would show copy that included the company’s name and a unique insight gathered from Dodge Data’s proprietary database such as, “Do you realize you’re specified in 23 projects in NYC?” These hyper-targeted messages stood out to prospects while offering relevant information that clearly proved the value of the product.

While ads drove awareness, engagement grew on the website. Triblio’s personalization tool made it easy for Brown to mirror the account-specific messaging on the homepage, which would encourage cold accounts tore-engage with Dodge Data’s content. Triblio also provided visibility into first-party intent for both known and unknown visitors on the website. When engagement spiked, Triblio would alert the account executive to help them reach out at the right time with the right messaging


For many of these cold accounts, Dodge Data re-engaged 30-40 visitors per day. When sales reached back out, these accounts were warm and ready to talk. Brown recalled a specific instance where the buyer responded, “that’s funny that you reached out to me right at the right time.” Equipped with first-party intent data, marketing and sales found much more success with their strategic accounts.

Currently, Brown works with just a few enterprise reps who choose their own target accounts. Moving forward, the organization will scale its ABM program so that marketing and sales will work together to select 25accounts per rep and run one-to-one, multi-channel campaigns for each strategic account.

Without Triblio, I’d be blind to a lot of things. Triblio brings a lot of this account behavior and activity right in front of me so I can act upon it. That’s powerful. It’s probably one of my favorite marketing tools period… I’m a power user, and the value is
through the roof.

Hasaan Brown
Performance Marketing Director

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