Triblio Launches Orchestration Canvas, the Visual ABM Campaign Builder

Triblio, an IDG Communications, Inc. company and the industry leader in account-based marketing (ABM), today announces the release of the first visual ABM campaign builder, Triblio Orchestration Canvas. This new feature includes a UI that allows marketers to orchestrate multi-channel and multi-stage campaigns within a single 'drag and drop' visual interface. The Orchestration Canvas provides ease of use when setting up your next ABM campaign and measuring results.

The Orchestration Canvas is a powerful new extension to Triblio's Orchestrator module and enables marketers to build AI-triggered, multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that automatically nurture buyers through the entire purchase journey. The Orchestration Canvas allows marketers to have control over the sequence and duration of cross-channel marketing campaign tactics. The visual component of the canvas makes it easy to adjust and optimize elements within the campaigns.

In their former roles at Eloqua, Triblio founders, Andre Yee and Mike Ball had extensive experience building groundbreaking and innovative marketing products including the Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

"With the Triblio Orchestration Canvas, we are able to provide marketers the ability to execute complex, intent-driven, orchestrated ABM campaigns through a simple visual interface. Orchestration Canvas goes one-step further in unifying the buyer experience across both sales and marketing channels," said Triblio Founder, Andre Yee.

Triblio CTO, Mike Ball adds, "When it comes to orchestrating cross-channel campaigns, Orchestration Canvas makes simple things simple and complex things possible."  

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