SugarCRM’s Winning Formula for Sales and Marketing

by Andrew Mahr, Clare Dorrian, Jason Rushforth, & Marissa Bialick

See how SugarCRM leverages Triblio's ABM platform and Bombora's Company Surge Intent data to prioritize accounts and orchestrate the best next actions within their platform to personalize outreach and win more deals.


  • Andrew Mahr - Chief Customer Officer, Triblio
  • Clare Dorrian - Chief Marketing Officer, SugarCRM
  • Jason Rushforth - SVP & GM, Americas, SugarCRM
  • Marissa Bialick - Demand Marketing Manager, Bombora

In this session, speakers cover:
  • How SugarCRM utilizes Bombora, Triblio, and the Sugar platform together to grow revenue and decrease busy work for all.
  • How SugarCRM sales leaders identify and prospect to new accounts
  • ABM use cases for retention and upsell with Triblio 

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