Three Approaches to get Sales Using ABM and Intent Everyday (B2BMX23)

Andrew Mahr, Tukan Das, & Nadia Davis

Launching an ABM and intent strategy is a big undertaking. Often, even when set up correctly, the program still fails because of one thing — sales reps don’t embrace the program in their day to day. Without sales fully invested into an ABM and intent strategy, it is almost impossible to prove out the concept and attribute ROI.

During this panel, you will hear from a founder and former CEO, a marketing leader and a sales leader on how they get sales onboard and excited for an ABM and intent strategy. They will answer a variety of questions, including:

  • What’s the most important thing to get sales bought into intent?
  • What is the value behind an intent-driven strategy?
  • How can you best support the ABM and intent strategy for sales?

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