Hear from leading practitioners on the future of ABM & Intent

by Andrew Mahr, Liz Anthony

In the last couple of years, intent data has been proven to help drive account-based marketing (ABM) success. B2B marketing and sales teams are investing in intent to sharpen messaging, prioritize outbounding, and inform sales conversations—and the use cases continue to expand.

As you look into scaling successful intent-driven programs, note that how marketing technology and data can and should be used is constantly evolving. Is your ABM program and the way you use purchase intent data future-proof? And what should you be on the lookout for in 2021?

In this session, Andrew Mahr will cover:
  • Why you need to recognize the difference between purchase signals and noise
  • Key opportunities that come with access to global intent data
  • Challenges in data privacy and how to mitigate risks
  • How to unify data in one account-based view for marketing, sales, and the executive team

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