Demystifying Intent Data: Navigating the B2B Marketplace

with Andrew Mahr, Tukan Das, and Allyson Havener

The easiest way to identify in-market buyers is intent data, but not all intent data is created equal, and it’s only as good as the activation.
Getting started can feel daunting, especially with the mixed information available of what intent data is, how it works, who should use it, and at what stage of the funnel. In this webinar, led by a live panel of experts and ABM practitioners, we’ll demystify the intent data marketplace by answering the most commonly asked questions with practical strategies for getting started.

Watch as Triblio, Foundry (previously LeadSift), and TrustRadius as they answer FAQs and share practical strategies for getting started
 with intent data.


  • Andrew Mahr, Chief Customer Officer at Triblio

  • Tukan Das, VP Product Management at Foundry
  • Allyson Havener, VP, Marketing at TrustRadius


  • Grace Wells, Senior Manager, Customer Success at TrustRadius

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