Crawl, Walk, Run with ABM to $10M in Pipeline

by Andrew Mahr, Arlyn Knox

Getting started with ABM may seem daunting, especially when the way we do business is changing rapidly. In this session, Arlyn Knox, Vice President Americas Demand Generation at Blue Yonder, will share her crawl-walk-run approach to ABM and how it generated millions of dollars in pipeline.

Blue Yonder, formerly JDA, provides the world’s leading digital fulfillment platform and supply chain solutions. The company launched an ABM pilot with Triblio in 2019 and plans to build on its initial success in 2020, incorporating advertising and personalization throughout North America and EMEA.

This presentation covers:
  • How to take a crawl, walk, run approach to account-based marketing
  • Why campaign experimentation is crucial to drive results
  • How to evaluate the impact of advertising in cross-channel campaigns

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