ABM: Finding Demand When the Market Slows Down

by Andrew Mahr

As the market slid into a pandemic-driven recession in the first half of 2020, business leaders showed a renewed interest in running lean teams. Those of us in B2B marketing have felt budgets tighten, an increased scrutiny of our tech stacks, and the need to really parse out must-have’s from nice-to-have’s.

We’ve had no choice but to pivot and move fast. There’s been a lot of pressure to make up for lost events, find alternative sources of demand, and turn out a good ROI. Now, we find ourselves playing catch-up in the summer months and asking, will we ever recoup our losses?

Here’s our proposition: account-based marketing (ABM) can save your demand gen. It’s a holistic strategy that helps both marketing and sales teams eliminate waste and stay focused on pipeline and revenue goals.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Use data to identify buyers
  • Adjust messaging to new needs
  • Engage buyers early and often

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