ABM Campaigns in a Post-Cookie World

by Andre Yee

With the end of third-party cookies next year, many are wondering how this change will affect the future of their ABM programs — in particular, ABM advertising campaigns.

In this session, Triblio Founder Andre Yee will cover how ABM leverages third-party cookies today and how it will be affected by this change. We want to prepare marketers by discussing what steps they should be taking this year to “future-proof” their ABM programs.

Join us as we discuss ABM in a “post-cookie” world and how to prepare your ABM campaigns to yield the best results in the future.

You will learn:
  • How ABM advertising currently works and its dependency on third-party cookies;
  • The promising industry initiatives and emerging technologies on the horizon;
  • How ABM campaigns should be designed in the post-cookie future to yield the best results.

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