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What Sales Wants: Everything All At Once, in the CRM

Insights from 3 Approaches To Get Sales Using ABM & Intent Everyday & Why We Launched Sales Acceleration

Launching an ABM and intent strategy is a big undertaking. Often, even when set up correctly, the program still fails because of one thing — sales reps don’t embrace the program in their day to day. Without sales fully invested into an ABM and intent strategy, it is almost impossible to prove out the concept and attribute ROI.

Listening to a fantastic B2BMX session with Nadia Davis, Triblio customer and evangelist, one thing was crystal clear. Integrating your tech stack and putting the data sales wants at their fingertips in their CRM, is one of the clearest paths to successful sales team adoption of ABM programs. 

Live at B2BMX: 3 Approaches To Get Sales Using ABM & Intent Everyday with Tukan Das, Nadia Davis, and Andrew Mahr

Two of the greatest barriers to account-based marketing success are lack of adoption and lack of sales and marketing alignment. Both of these can be mostly tackled by securing sales team buy-in. But how do you get sales bought in?

Give them what they want

Sales teams want information they can actually use. This seems obvious but you’d be surprised at how many marketing teams get this wrong. Here’s what I consider the core pieces of information sales teams should be able to see in their CRM:

1. Account Data

Your reps shouldn’t have to visit a million platforms to research one account, especially when that account is already known, targeted, and showing intent. Your sales team should at the least know their accounts’ industry and size without having to leave their CRM.

2. Contact Data 

One of the largest time sucks and opportunity killers for sales teams is knowing who to talk to. If you want to hunt down specific titles, you often have to visit multiple platforms to get their contact data, do research, and reach out to them. And if you pick the wrong person, you might not ever break into the deal. 

3. Intent Data

Intent data is under-leveraged by sales teams. So often, sales teams are given intent data signals without enough context to make them actionable.
Scoring systems like a random number such as an ‘intent score of 88’ doesn’t give sales teams confidence in reaching out, and it won’t gain their buy-in to your program. 

That’s why intent signals should be paired with context - the who to reach out to, and why now. 

4. Personalized Content to Reach Out With

Knowing what intent topics an account / contact is showing interest in is only half the battle. How do you craft a relevant message? One of the best ways to create relevancy in your outreach is to weave intent topics into your outreach. One way you can easily personalize outreach to each account is by creating 1:1 Smart Pages. Smart Pages allow you to share centralized resources with your account and tailor them to their needs and areas of interest. With the Sales Acceleration module, you can easily access, edit, and add Smart Pages right from your CRM before reaching out. 

Give it to them where they want it

An immense hurdle to overcome with launching a new program or workflow is resistance to change. If someone walks into your place of work and tells you to go about your whole day differently, you’d be resistant to that. Similarly, any new program or workflow that requires many end users to adopt a new system in addition to all their existing platforms they already use day-to-day, is going to be met with resistance. Picture your colleague’s many many tabs open at any given time -  the CRM, an intent data source, LinkedIn, email, sales engagement tools, Gong… It’s a lot to juggle. Always try to avoid adding new platforms to that if you can. This will help your team maintain efficiency and prevent friction when adopting new workflows. If only there was a way to bring all these tools directly into your CRM. 😮‍💨

Which brings us to our final point…

Why we launched Sales Acceleration ✨

The launch of the Sales Acceleration product, built on the Triblio ABM orchestration platform, empowers sales reps with Foundry Intent insights on their best accounts and contacts, proposed next best actions, and more—all within their CRM. Sales reps can see account research and buying signals in their territory, and automatically discover the best contacts to push directly into Salesloft or Outreach to continue prospecting.

“Sellers spend more time in their CRM than any other tool, so anything we can do to fill their CRM with insights that can help them close is a win. Foundry’s Sales Acceleration module helps reps close more deals faster, from right inside their CRM.”
-Jason Rushforth, GM/SVP Americas for SugarCRM

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