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International Women's Day: Celebrating the Women of B2B at #B2BMX

For women working in the world of B2B tech, sales, or marketing, International Women’s Day is an important day. In what is often a male-dominated field - today is a day to lift up other hard-working women, celebrate their achievements and successes, and start important conversations about the very real challenges women face in the workplace.

So in honor of International Women’s Day and in an effort to build up other women in our community, we took to the floor at B2BMX. At the event, we interviewed women on their experiences working in the B2B industry, and advice they have for others early in their careers. Here’s what they had to say:

"What advice would you give to women early in their B2B careers?

Annette Falvo
Senior Account Executive

“Always be yourself and be confident in what you’re doing. It’s easy to have self-doubt but remember you’re here for a reason,”

Arianna Cignarale

CEO & Co-Founder

“When you get opportunities within your career, say yes. The more exposure you have, the more you’ll learn about yourself.” 

Kirsten Yee
Director of Marketing

"My advice to women early in their career is to be bold which can be hard when you feel like you don’t know anything. But be bold, ask questions, and try not to be afraid of failing because that’s just part of your learning experience."

Dawn Orr
SVP Global SaaS Operations

“Trust your instincts, be confident, and execute on the things you set out to do” 

Klaudia Tirico
G3 Communications

“Be yourself, be unapologetic, hold yourself accountable, and listen and learn as much as you can” 

Nadia Davis
Director of Revenue Marketing

“Women in technology are underestimated. We’re enough and have the ability to be successful.”

Kirsten Kalsky
Account-Based Marketing Director

“Take advantage of all the learning opportunities around you, some of these opportunities won’t be handed to you, you’ll have to go and find them” 

Caroline Kamaris
Senior Account-Based Marketing Specialist

“Take on projects that may be out of your scope. It’ll help you learn so much.” 

Sammie Knight
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
Master Electronics

“You don’t have to say yes to everything, know your boundaries and set your limits”


Happy International Women’s Day, and thank you to all who shared their experiences and advice with us. While these interviews were one of the highlights of our time at B2BMX, we also had the pleasure of hosting a live panel on 3 Approaches To Get Sales Using ABM & Intent Everyday, and launching our new product Sales Acceleration, powered by Triblio.

For more Women’s History Month content, check out our blog Celebrating the Women of Triblio and Foundry.

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