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Insperity Shares How the Triblio Orchestrator Boots SDR Efficiency

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that as marketers we are constantly searching for more efficient and effective ways to increase demand and grow pipeline. This is nothing new but this year has forced us to find creative ways to boost that bottom line. As an ABM vendor, we’re here to partner with B2B marketers to help them achieve their business goals, which is why we’re thrilled to launch the Triblio Orchestrator. 

Earlier this week, we announced the release of Triblio Orchestrator, the newest ABM module that automates and scales high-performing multichannel campaigns. You can read the full release here. Our client, Insperity, was the first of our customers to experience the powerful new extension, and we were able to chat with them, pre-COVID, about how the Triblio Orchestrator enabled them to prioritize accounts and sharpen messaging to scale their ABM program.

The Challenge

Located just outside of Houston, TX, Insperity provides HR services to SMB and mid-market businesses. When the revenue team approached Triblio, they knew they had 6.6 million accounts in its total addressable market (TAM), but there was no way they'd have the capacity to run campaigns to all these accounts. They needed help prioritizing accounts, especially for the SDR outreach.

In any given week, the SDR team is responsible for supporting account executives in more than 80 district offices across 12 sales regions. Prior to Triblio, they were spending at least 20 percent of their time building and cleaning lists. As a result, productivity wasn’t where it needed to be, and no one was quite sure whether the SDRs were reaching out to the best, most interested accounts.

The Solution: FIRE-based Prioritization

“Our account-based mission is to deliver a high enough volume of accounts to our sales team to provide them with really intelligent, data-rich conversations that they can have with prospects,” explained Rich Whittington, Manager of Account-based Strategy and Development at Insperity. With the objective to feed high-fit, high-intent accounts to the SDR team in mind, Insperity chose to partner with Triblio.

With the Triblio Orchestrator, Insperity can now deliver on a new account-based strategy centered on FIRE (fit, intent, recency, and engagement). The marketing team uses the Triblio Orchestrator to automatically aggregate various sources of intent data—everything from website engagement to third-party buyer signals and CRM activities—so that they use this wholistic view of target account interest to trigger unique intent-based sales plays.

With intent-based information in tow, the SDRs get their Mondays back! Rather than build and clean lists when they get into the office, they can start outbounding immediately based on Triblio's list of high-fit, high-intent accounts.

The Results

Within the first month of turning on the Triblio Orchestrator, Insperity closed a deal in record time. In a matter of 20 days, from the first discovery call to closed, the company was able to close a deal. That's less than a third of their average 70-day sales cycle.

Insperity also increased SDR efficiency by 500%. Leveraging FIRE data, the SDR team was able to truly focus their outbounding and significantly increase the ratio of discovery calls set against the number of target accounts identified.

“Triblio offered exactly what we were looking for in a strategic account-based partner,” said Whittington. “They show a high desire to solve our deepest business challenges.” 

We love working with our customers and partnering with Insperity is no exception. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the company to help them make sense of account insights and automate custom-fit workflows to improve their segmentation strategy and sharpen both marketing and sales messaging.

To watch highlights of our conversation with Insperity’s Rich Whittington and to read the company case study, visit:

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