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How to Achieve Effective Opportunity Prospecting with SugarCRM and Triblio

Leads are the fuel for every sales organization's pipeline. Since each lead represents a possible opportunity, growing your base of leads and working to nurture them is a great way to secure and grow revenue. That's why salespeople need to be hungry—hungry enough to make a couple more calls, send a few more emails, and do a little more digging because, at the end of the day, opportunities won't fall into your lap without a little hard work.  With SugarCRM and Triblio we are making it a little easier. 

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 How CRM & Intent Data Work Together for Efficient Prospecting 

Improvements in prospecting can happen when organizations utilize their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in conjunction with third-party intent data and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). When CRM, intent data, and ABM work in tandem, two crucial processes can also be integrated: outbound and inbound marketing.  

Outbound Marketing 

Outbound marketing uses tactics that get messages to a target market to generate sales leads. This could take the form of cold calling, direct mail, mass emails, and other methods aimed at large audiences of people. It typically delivers high-level benefit messages that the audience may find interesting enough to generate a response. 

When combined with intent data and ABM, the outbound marketing content becomes more targeted and frequent to contacts linked to specific organizations. Messages become more specific and related to topics we know the account is interested in. 

By combining outbound marketing with your ABM approach, your sales team can more quickly start to build trusting relationships with potential buyers and dive deeper into their unique needs and pain points.  

Inbound Marketing 

While outbound marketing pushes messages to a wide audience, the goal of inbound marketing is to invite the lead in. To respond to incoming leads, marketing and sales can create automated workflows that filter incoming qualified leads based on specific criteria (i.e., company size, industry, etc.) and score them according to the ideal customer profile (ICP). 

Combined with intent data and ABM, inbound leads from accounts can be grouped together, and a marketing and sales response can be orchestrated around the account instead of only around the individual contact. 

Better Together: SugarCRM & Triblio, CRM and ABM 

Sugar Sell does a great job managing sales leads and helping sellers turn them into winning opportunities. Triblio excels at aggregating and organizing third-party intent data collected from thousands of sources and orchestrating ABM, which results in organizations being able to assign intent scores to accounts based on their demonstrated interest in search topics. 

As we have said, prospecting for new opportunities is critical for any sales organization, and improvements to the process have a significant impact.    

By combining Sugar Sell and Triblio, we can deliver powerful new pipeline generation capabilities to the sales team. One of the best parts is that Triblio is completely integrated into Sugar Sell, which means their intent data is automatically presented to the seller in Sugar Sell. When sellers see target accounts in Sugar with surging intent scores from Triblio they can confidently reach out to those organizations knowing that there is going to be interest in their offering. Prioritizing accounts with known interest reduces wasted time trying to engage with accounts not ready for your product. 

In making the process of identifying opportunities easier and faster, we free up time for the sales organization to perform the more skill-based work of engaging with potential customers about their needs and the capabilities of products and services. 

Here at SugarCRM, it has become a welcoming new seller habit. We start each morning, coffee or tea in hand, scanning our daily updated intent scores in search of sales treasure.  

Top Accounts for Sales Prospecting

How we use Sugar Sell and Triblio here at SugarCRM  


SugarCRM leverages the Triblio platform to identify in-market accounts early and orchestrate sales and marketing to discover and pursue pipeline as one team. Users can access Triblio's data alongside their own account and opportunity data in Sugar Sell, which empowers them to take advantage of our ABM programs.  

Because Triblio is embedded directly into Sugar Sell, sales teams automatically receive alerts and personalized Sugar dashboards to inform their sales plays and outreach strategies. These insights enable sales to optimize initial conversations with hot accounts and allow marketing to properly nurture existing accounts with personalized digital experiences.  

ABM solutions, like Triblio, benefit both teams by tracking buyer behavior and engagement with marketing campaigns and allows sales reps to reach out when purchase intent is high. 

Triblio Presens Interested Accounts in a Sugar Sell Dashboard


Measure Your True ROI by Aligning Your ABM, Marketing Automation, and CRM Systems   

Marketers should not put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to ABM—you need more than one tool or viewpoint to garner the insights you need to make sure your campaigns are targeting the right people. CRM tools are also a prime, central place for marketing to both house campaign data and pull reporting. As your marketing team drives campaign efforts forward in your ABM tools, it is important for all teams involved to align on campaign execution to ensure that all initiatives are set up, completed, and reported on in one system.   

When your organization's Go-To-Market (GTM) teams effectively use the tool and solutions available to them, it results in departmental alignment, increased engagement with your most valuable accounts, and a great buying experience for the potential customer.  

Want to learn more about how Sugar and Triblio can work in tandem for your sales and marketing teams? Learn more about Triblio for SugarCRM.

About the Author

Christian Wettre


SVP and GM at SugarCRM

Committed to helping customers grow revenue and improve processes related to sales and marketing, Christian Wettre is the SVP & General Manager of the Sugar platform. A dedicated professional with a team mentality, he strives every day to make a difference for customers.

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