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1:1 Account-Based Landing Pages: Your Sales Team's Secret Weapon

What is a 1:1 Personalized Landing Page?

1:1 personalized landing pages are customized web pages catered to the needs, interests, and buying profile of a specific account. The customizable capabilities of 1:1 landing pages allow sales and marketing to present accounts with a personalized experience. Users can edit copy, colors, logos, content, and create account specific offers on 1:1 personalized landing pages. Landing pages feature a library of hand-picked content from a sales rep or account manager that best suits the interest of a target account. 

Elements of a Landing Page

There are many elements that go into making a landing page feel personalized. Let’s break down the individual elements of your landing page format and highlight a few key features of each section before we get more in depth. 

  • Nav Bar
    This is a feature you can choose to include or exclude. If you include it, you can add navigation to your website pages. You can also leave off the navigation bar and have the landing page appear as a standalone page.
  • Hero Section 
    This section is great for welcoming visitors to the page and giving people a taste of what to expect. You can add copy that highlights an account's pain points or known interest in your product or service. This section is also a fantastic area to personalize with merge fields to grab initial attention from recipients. 
  • Video Highlight 
    Adding a video provides a visually appealing way to welcome visitors to the page. You can highlight products, platform overviews, testimonials, or relevant customer stories. 
  • Resources Card Section
    This section is used to provide key resources for visitors to interact with. You can cater the content to the interest of the account. You will typically find content such as blogs, customer stories, webinars, comparison documentation, eBooks, white papers and more. 
  • Form Embed
    This is a feature you can add to drive engaged leads right from the 1:1 landing page.
  • Rep Information
    Rep contact information is essential for driving follow ups from the page interactions. You can add a rep bio, LinkedIn profile link, and a book a meeting CTA.
  • Footer
    You can add site navigation here in addition to your top navigation bar.  

Anatomy of a 1:1 Personalized Landing Page

a personalized account-based landing page, AKA a Triblio Smart Page

Points of Personalization

Now that we have listed out the format of a 1:1 personalized landing page and looked at some examples, let’s further discuss the points of personalization that make 1:1 ABM landing pages a great tool for your sales team. 

Highlighting a Pain Point

Although you can address pain points throughout a landing page with content, we are talking about the overall theme of your landing page. This can easily be achieved through your hero section copy. For example, you know a specific account is showing interest in getting the most out of their intent data. With this in mind, you can edit your hero copy to “How to optimize your ABM strategy with intent data.” Instantly you are providing an account with a resource that appears valuable to them. 

Account Name

Addressing the account by company name makes the 1:1 personalized landing page feel relatable. Instead of the webpage feeling like generic sales and marketing jargon that gets ignored, this subtle touch can gain an account's interest in the landing page quickly.

Personalized Rep Info

This is a personalized element that a specific sales rep, account manager, or customer success manager can utilize so your contact knows who to reach out to. In this field reps can add contact information like name, email, phone number, and a profile image. This field is important to initiate follow-up from a target account and makes the rep feel affable. 

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics are another cool personalization feature that makes 1:1 personalized landing pages feel relevant to the account you're targeting. Adding the logo of the account you are targeting in tandem with your own logo is eye-catching. This builds a sense of you as the product or service provider are ready to solve the pain points of the account. This subtle gesture implies that you are already working together and can really jumpstart the sales cycle.   

When should I use an account-based landing page?

Landing pages have multiple applications within your ABM strategy and a variety of teams can utilize this resource to communicate with prospects and customers. Below we will discuss three of the most common landing page use cases that we see, and use ourselves at Triblio with our Smart Pages

SDRs Target Account Outreach

One of the most common and effective uses of landing pages is SDR outreach. The idea here is simple and follows a lot of the principles of an effective ABM strategy. Let’s say an SDRs has a target account or multiple accounts showing purchase intent, instead of reaching out with generic messaging, the SDR can send the account a personalized landing page. This landing page will have fully customizable copy and content that pertains to the interest of the account. 

The content here is top-of-funnel and consists of media such as:

  • Ebooks
  • Blogs 
  • Overview Videos

AEs Targeting In-Pipeline Accounts

The landing pages AE typically send are going to accounts who have already been contacted by an SDR and scheduled a demo. These landing pages are typically more precise to an account's pain points and the content provided explains a specific solution your product or service provides, and also contains follow-up materials from previous interactions. 

Common pieces of content added to these landing pages consist of: 

  • Customer Stories 
  • Webinars 
  • Comparison documentation
  • Briefing decks
  • Gong call recording

CSMs reaching out to current customers

Landing pages are not only beneficial to your sales team. They are also a great tool to provide current customers with the most recent product information and learning resources. Because of their personalization capabilities, your CSMs can provide current customers with customized landing pages chock full of resources that are tailored to your customers’ needs.

Common pieces of content added to customer landing pages consist of:

  • Product knowledge resources
  • Product launch information
  • Office hours
  • Call recordings
  • Customer event information

1:1 Landing Page Examples

Hero Section with Form

This 1:1 ABM landing page features a conversion capturing form in the hero section with relevant content as the featured offer. This landing page puts the offer front and center. This works especially well if you use this ABM landing page method to target accounts which have already been shown to have interest in the subject matter - for instance, in this example, if an account was researching intent data providers.
Form fields can also be auto-populated with known values to increase conversion rates.

Visually Appealing Hero Section + Relevant Resources

This personalized landing page has a visually appealing hero section and catchy copy. Visitors have the opportunity to click on a video, or a demo form with the two CTA buttons. 

Below the hero section, we’ll find the content section with resources relevant to the hero section copy, and overall theme of the personalized landing page. 

Rep Info

In this example we see a template that brings the reps info to the forefront so prospects know who to follow up with. This helps to give a personal touch to outreach, putting a face to the name and making it easy to schedule follow up meetings. 

Conversion Actions


Adding a form to your 1:1 ABM landing pages is a wonderful way to drive leads. The offers on landing page forms are typically to request an initial call with a sales representative or account executive for more information or to schedule a product demo. 

Follow-Up Outreach

It is important to have a plan in place to address account activity on your 1:1 ABM landing pages. Providing follow-up outreach is a terrific opportunity to keep accounts engaged and to make sure account activity on your 1:1 ABM landing pages is not going to waste. You can track which content was viewed on the landing page and follow up with more supplemental content based on account actions. Tracking engagements on your landing pages helps tee up future conversions with an account, as you will have a better understanding of what specific interests and topics sales needs to cover.

Retargeting with Display Ads

Retargeting with display ads is under the same umbrella of follow-up outreach. This is a less direct method of outreach in comparison to an email or a phone call, but nonetheless an effective method to keep your solution top of mind. After an account views a landing page you can retarget the account with display ads featuring relevant offers based on the actions they took on the landing page. 

1:1 Personalized Landing Pages’ Role in an ABM Strategy

Since ABM is an account-centric sales and marketing model that focuses on the interest and pain points of individual accounts, 1:1 ABM landing pages can be your sales team's greatest asset. As we discussed above, your SDRs and AEs can take 1:1 ABM landing pages and make them completely personalized to an account with messaging, design, and content. This creates a welcoming experience for buyers and opens the door for more engagement, better account insights, and more qualified leads. 

Another great aspect of 1:1 personalized landing pages is they continue to be an asset  after deals are closed. Your CSM team can take advantage of the personalized experience 1:1 landing pages can offer your customers to nurture accounts during onboarding, keep users engaged over their customer lifecycle, and even further opportunities for upsell/cross-sell. If a customer wants to know how to do something within the product, your CS member can not only meet with the customer, but provide a personalized landing page full of supplemental resources and documentation to help answer their questions. 

Scale Personalized Landing Pages 

If you have a 1:1 personalized landing page template that’s performing well, you don’t want that resource to go to waste. Saving and sharing high performing templates allows other relevant teams across the organization to use the 1:1 personalized landing page template while accelerating your account outreach. With the Triblio Sales Acceleration Module you can create a library of personalized landing page templates so that AEs can create personalized landing pages for each account using CRM data directly within the module. These personalized landing pages can be sent directly to target accounts, and updated with tailored resources to each account with ease, right within the CRM. This ultimately saves valuable time and equips your sales team with the best resources. 


1:1 personalized landing pages can benefit your sales team tremendously, and take your ABM program to the next level. Delivering a personalized buyer and customer experience is the industry standard, and those not delivering a personalized experience to buyers will quickly fall behind. When incorporating personalized landing pages in your sales and marketing strategy take note of each of the elements that help deliver that meaningful experience and do not skip a step. Buyers and customers alike are far more captivated when the messaging, and offers you present to them are personalized. 

Deliver Buyers a Personalized 1:1 Experience With Triblio Smart Pages

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