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Plex Scales ABM to Target 40,000 Accounts

Plex is the leading manufacturing ERP cloud provider. ERP software purchases require scores of stakeholders from multiple departments. Plex markets ERP software to small and large manufacturers who each require their own custom solution.

Plex’s demand generation model only focuses on target accounts.Target accounts must meet a “best fit” criteria defined by marketing, sales and product. Plex determines best fit by firmographics, sales input, and product differentiation by segment. In any given year, Plex will develop multiple target account segments totaling between 20,000-60,000 manufacturers.

After Plex decides on the target accounts, Plex’s marketing then works with sales operations to assign accounts to sales reps who are part of the SMB and enterprise divisions. Account assignments are critical to ensure each BDR/AE team has equal opportunity weighting of revenue potential for their territory. The marketing team also develops objectives and plans integrated campaigns for demand creation.

ABM Demand Generation at Scale

Plex integrates outbound and inbound marketing with sales plays. They measure marketing performance using account engagement and account based funnel metrics.

Account Based Advertising

Plex uses account based advertising to reach new and existing stakeholders in target accounts. They segment account based advertising audiences by funnel stage and industry segment. One specific example of an effective account based advertising campaign, is targeting known contacts that have previously expressed an interest in marketing content or campaigns, but have not recently been active.

Web Personalization

Plex personalizes their website and landing pages for target accounts. Personalization by account is for both known visitors identified in marketing automation and their CRM systems, and for unknown target account visitors who haven’t opted in to email yet. Home page creative, messaging, recommended content, and calls to action all dynamically change based on the account segment. ERP needs are very specific for each segment, and Plex wants to ensure that visitors fnd what they are looking for before they leave to another website.

Trigger Sales Plays

Marketing also provides insight for known and unknown visitors to help Plex’s sales reps with outbounding and nurturing campaigns. Plex engagement reporting identifies the frequency, number of stakeholders, and a specific content interest for target accounts. Knowing an account’s digital body language from known contacts and unknown visitors triggers sales prioritization and influences what sales plays to use. One part of the sales play created by marketing is curated content hubs for target account segments. By sending content hubs related to an account’s profile and engagement interest, reps establish trust and increase engagement.

Thanks to account based marketing, sales reps establish this trust sooner.Instead of waiting for stakeholders to complete a form, reps recognize anonymous visitors from target accounts that are engaged in specific content on web pages and landing pages. They will then find relevant contacts to reach out to those target accounts.

We’re doing a tremendous amount with Triblio and are 100% account based.

VP of Integrated Marketing, Plex

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