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$9.9 Million in Influenced Pipeline with SugarCRM’s Winning ABM Formula

SugarCRM is how marketing, sales, and service teams finally get a clear picture of each customer to help businesses reach new levels of performance and predictability. Sugar is theCRM platform that makes the hard things easier. Thousands of companies in over 120 countries rely on Sugar to achieve high-definition CX by letting the platform do the work.


Sugar operates in a mature market, with stiff competition. In a recent survey of sales and marketing professionals, Sugar found that only 20% of sales and 2% of marketers say they are “perfectly aligned.” Alignment is a universal challenge for B2B companies, often because data is siloed between marketing and sales teams, making actionable insights difficult to identify. The Sugar team was seeking ways to standout within the CRM market and find the perfect addition to their tech stack that would support their ABM effort with sales orchestration features. Sugar needed to reduce pipeline blindspots, beat competitors to conversions, and drive revenue.

ABM Solution

Convert Buyers and Accelerate Pipeline with a Targeted, Intent-Driven Strategy

Sugar leverages the Triblio platform, Bombora Surge Topics, and G2 intent data signals to identify in-market accounts early and galvanize sales and marketing to discover pipeline as one team. As Clare Dorrian, Chief Marketing Officer of SugarCRM, puts it, “The combination of SugarCRM, Bombora, and Triblio is the winning formula allowing us to find and engage with target audiences in a smart way.”

By leveraging intent data with ABM orchestration, the team hoped to lift account engagement in their target accounts and build out additional high-fit, high-intent audiences within their ideal customer profile (ICP). By utilizing Bombora intent data to identify surging accounts, they could target unknown prospects or accounts showing confirmed interest. The team took this a step further by serving up 1:1 landing pages (Triblio Smart Pages) to connect with prospects. Triblio was even adopted across customer initiatives to promote awareness, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities via advertising, personalized website experiences, and proactive data-based outreach.

Triblio’s integration with Sugar makes marketing information finally actionable for Sales. With a high-definition customer view of account activity, paired with Bombora intent data, valuable account insights are visible within a single view. Jason Rushforth, SVP & GM SugarCRM Americas, explains,“We can now use our data elements to build dashboards and reports with Triblio Smart Score to create a holistic view for sales directly within Sugar.”

Marketing views surging account intent topics and data to understand an account’s buying experience up to the point of contact with sales. The sales team uses Triblio’s ABM Analytics Module embedded directly into Sugar as well as Orchestration alerts and personalized Sugar dashboards to inform their sales plays and outreach strategies. These insights enable sales to optimize initial conversations with hot accounts and allow marketing to properly nurture existing accounts with personalized digital experiences.


Since implementing an ABM strategy, Sugar has generated $9.9M in influenced pipeline attribution from their ABM efforts, with an estimated $2.8M in the first quarter alone.

Sugar’s winning formula is better aligned marketing and sales initiatives and a highly cohesive strategy when engaging with buyers. By aligning insights under one shared field of view, the Sugar team saves time and utilizes intent signals to be first to the conversation with the proper messaging. They reduce unnecessary busy work and prioritize their days around building pipeline with accounts likely to convert. The team’s unified structure and strategy with Triblio and Bombora have enabled them to build a stronger pipeline and close more deals

The winning formula allowing us to find and engage with target audiences.

Clare Dorrian
Chief Marketing Officer, SugarCRM

"We can now use our data elements to build dashboards and reports with Triblio Smart Score to create a holistic view for sales directly within Sugar."

Jason Rushforth
SVP & GM, SugarCRM Americas

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