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Triblio Launches the NextGen ABM Module, the Triblio Orchestrator

RESTON, Va., October 6, 2020- Triblio, an IDG Communications, Inc. company and the industry leader in account-based marketing (ABM), today announces the release of the Triblio Orchestrator, the newest ABM module that automates and scales high-performing multichannel campaigns. The Triblio Orchestrator is a powerful new extension to Triblio’s existing platform which includes advertising, web personalization, and sales activation modules. Marketing and sales teams can use the Triblio Orchestrator to prioritize and segment their total addressable markets, reaching the best accounts at the right time with the right messaging.

“Triblio Orchestrator transformed our go-to-market strategy, allowing us to scale multi-channel campaigns, prioritize outreach, and increase SDR efficiency,” explained Rich Whittington, Manager of Account-Based Strategy and Development at Insperity. “Triblio offered exactly what we were looking for in a strategic account-based partner. They show a high desire to help us solve our deepest business challenges and the tenacity to jump in and really add value.”

“When we designed the Triblio Orchestrator, we wanted to help marketers execute predictive orchestration by activating intent data and unifying the buyer experience across both sales and marketing channels,” said Andre Yee, founder and CEO of Triblio. “We see predictive orchestration as the future of ABM, and Triblio is excited to be leading the charge in bringing these innovations to the market.”

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About Triblio, an IDG Communications, Inc. Company

Triblio’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform orchestrates marketing and sales campaigns at every stage of the purchase journey. In a single platform, Triblio combines account-based advertising, web personalization, and sales activation features to orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels. These campaign tools and analytics run on a proprietary AI-powered purchase intent engine that scores the level of interest each account has in making a purchase. With Triblio, customers like Insperity, Atos, and Nasdaq scale 1:1 account targeting to grow awareness, engagement, and pipeline within their target accounts. Triblio’s ABM platform has won CODiE awards for 3 years in a row.

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