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Class Is in Session: Enroll in Triblio Academy Today

Back to school? It’s that time of year, and our customers will now have the opportunity to return to class with Triblio Academy. The Triblio Academy courses are comprised of 34 easily digestible videos that will optimize your interactions within our platform, and teach you the fundamentals of ABM. The courses feature resources and quizzes to refresh your knowledge. We also can’t fail to mention that our own Cory Rivera and Molly Barber Evans could receive outstanding Rate My Professor reviews for their instruction. 

Let’s consider the following content as a syllabus for Triblio Academy. Plus, syllabus day is arguably the best day of the school year, right!?    

Course 1: Welcome to Triblio

Audiences, Tactics, Execution Framework for ABM

Welcome to Triblio Academy! In this course, we will touch on the fundamental framework of Triblio and why ABM is king when it comes to influencing B2B purchase decisions. This course will cover the Triblio architecture in-depth and break down the Triblio platform into three main components:

  • Audiences - Who
  • Tactics - What
  • Execution Framework - How

By the end of the first course, academy students will grasp an understanding of all of Triblio’s components and be prepared to dive into the technical setup of the platform

Course 2: Technical Setup & Implementation

Triblio ABM Technical Setup and Integrations - Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, MicrosoftDynamics

Course Two jumps into important technical settings that get your Triblio instance setup for success within your martech stack. In this course, customers will learn how to:

  • Add scripts
  • Add Users
  • Integrate your CRM 
  • Integrate your marketing automation platform

By the end of Course Two, Academy students will have the knowledge to administrate platform settings successfully. Additionally, your Triblio instance will be ready to build ABM campaigns.  

Course 3: Building Your First ABM Campaigns

ABM Orchestration Builder

Course Three is a huge stepping stone to getting the most out of Triblio. At this point, your account is technically sound and it’s time to build your first orchestration. Course Three also covers the following key components while building an ABM campaign

  • Selecting your audience 
  • Choosing/creating relevant content
  • The right tactics for your campaign 
  • Measurement framework 
  • Orchestration set-up and activation 

To close out Course Three, Cory will briefly walk you through our three key ABM reports within Triblio; Account 360, Ad Reports, and the Pipeline Impact Report. More on these reports will be discussed in Course Four. From here, we’ll dive further into ABM Metrics and reporting.

Course 4: ABM Metrics and Reporting

ABM Metrics and Reporting - Ad Impressions, Ad Clicks, Personalization Engagements, Visitors

Once you’ve spent valuable time creating a wonderful orchestration within Triblio, it’s time to learn how to measure your campaign's performance. In Course Four, Molly will discuss how you can best capture and report the results of your campaign by selecting the right KPIs. As well as an in-depth look at: 

  • Account 360
  • Ads Report
  • Pipeline Impact Report

Course Four will end with a use case example highlighting reporting best practices in Triblio. Academy students will see firsthand how using the right metrics enables you to accurately report on reached accounts, engaged accounts, and influenced opportunities. With this knowledge, users will be able to optimize campaigns accordingly in real-time. 

Course 5: Getting Started with Sales Activation

Sales Activation - SmartPages

The final stretch! It’s no secret that ABM requires joint effort between sales and marketing teams. Sales teams rely on marketing teams to generate pipeline, and in turn, marketing relies on sales to capitalize on demand and close deals. In this course, Cory covers core sales activation use cases. Our customers will learn where account-level insights come from and have access to in-depth walkthroughs on how to use the following sales activation tactics: 

  • Orchestration Emails
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Adding Contacts
  • Smart Pages (1:1 landing pages) 

To wrap Course Five up, Cory discusses how to roll out your sales activation strategy once you’ve identified the tactics you’d like to use. Additionally, Cory will discuss the three recommended stages to roll out your sales activation program that we find to work best after launching hundreds of ABM programs over the years. 


Congrats! At this point, you’ll be a Triblio Academy graduate– armed with knowledge and resources to look back on to get the most out of Triblio and your ABM program. We’re excited to launch Triblio Academy and extend more resources to our wonderful customers. 

Connect with your CSM today to get your access code and enroll in Triblio Academy.

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